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I met Ed over twenty years ago when the hospital I was working at was cited for various NRC violations and needed a new consulting firm.  Ed was working with the new firm that we hired and he came to do the initial audit.  Needless to say, we haven’t looked back since.  Ed has advanced his career over the years, but we have continued to retain him as our consultant.  The department has had seven NRC inspections without a violation under his guidance.  I credit his meticulous review of our records each quarter and his extensive experience with regulatory guidelines.


Joseph M. Rastetter, CNMT, RT(N), RSO

Community Hospital Anderson

As the Director of Imaging Services for a busy, eight modality hospital department and two off site locations, I have worked closely with Ed Wroblewski for our physics consulting needs since 2010.  Ed is very thorough with his inspections of all equipment as well as being most helpful in obtaining ACR accreditations.  Not only does Ed take care of our equipment, he does annual Radiation Safety training for our hospital staff.  He makes calls to our state department of health on our  behalf as needed.  My Imaging staff, medical staff and our administrative team often ask, “could you give Ed a call and get his opinion.”  They trust his expertise and enjoy his friendly disposition when he is on site.  Ed will not cut any corners for anyone and strives to assure all basis are covered to provide the best possible service to his customers and patients.   Ed is on my speed dial and we consider him “family.”  I highly recommend his services.

Patty​ V.

Director of Imaging Services​

Ed has been a part of our team at Clinch Valley Medical Center since 2010.  We have always found Ed to be very professional, educational and proactive when managing our needs around the ever changing world of health care, especially in his area of expertise of medical physicist.  He takes the approach of safety and quality care as first and foremost and works very close with our radiation safety committee to ensure we are meeting the needs our patients and community.  The partnership we have with Ed has been extremely helpful to Clinch Valley Medical Center over the years and we look forward to this partnership continuing into

the future. 


Peter Mulkey, Pharm.D., MHA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

I have utilized Ed's knowledge and expertise for several years while working as an RSO for a large hospital with multiple locations.  I found Ed to be very congenial with all the staff he encountered, all the while staying focused and on point with his objectives.  I attribute multiple successful inspections by local and federal licensing and regulatory agencies directly to Ed's dedication and diligent work in assisting my facilities in maintaining compliance. I would recommend Ed without hesitation and if I were to enter the RSO field again he is the first person I would contact for his counsel." 

Berry Stewart 

Retired RSO

The face, and true value of Photon Measurements Plus, rests with its owner and operator, Ed Wroblewski . We have benefitted immensely from the expertise and consultative service that Ed has delivered  for over 26 years, dating back to 1991. We have had previous experience working with other Medical Physicist Services, but none have provided the attention to detail, above and beyond service, and the heart-of-a-teacher approach that we have come to value from Photon Measurements Plus. Throughout our long working relationship, we have been closely supported through countless successful NRC, JCAHO, ICANL, IAC, State Board of Health, and HFAP surveys.  I am proud of our 100% perfect track record, without a single infraction ever having been identified.


Andrew E. Self

Manager Cardiac and Vascular Services           

I have known and worked with Ed Wroblewski for over thirty years. In that time I have seen him to be not only knowledgeable of health physics topics and their applications, but that he also understands and adheres to the regulatory processes related to the safe use of radiation and radioactive sources. More importantly, however, he is a person of strong principles and convictions. He would never “take the easy way out” or put financial gain ahead of safety and regulatory compliance. He is a team player who is always willing to help a fellow health physicist, be it in giving advice when asked, or taking on a project that requires some additional knowledge or experience. 

I would be willing to recommend Ed to help deal with any issue relating to the compliance of the regulations regarding

radiation safety.


Andrew Welding

Radiation Safety Officer,

University of Notre Dame

Ed makes being compliant with state and federal regulations easy. He has been inspecting our X-Ray Equipment for 17 years now and has become an integral part of our dental family.


When we had an X-Ray unit fail in our office recently, Ed was readily available with technical advice and with his help we were up and running in no time. He even gave us advice on the proper disposal of our old unit. Ed is helpful and a pleasure to work with! 


Dr. Jean Holder 

Family Dentistry 

Ed is very professional and knowledgeable. He knows how to make our office compliant in a simple and easy manner. He also keeps our office up to date, eliminating the need for us to track our compliance dates. Ed is always looking out for our office and what needs to be done when we have a new unit. Highly recomend Ed's services to anyone needing to stay compliant and wants a friendly face to help out with any questions.


Marvin P.

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