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About Us

Ed Wroblewski earned his A.S. in 1982 and B.S. in 1983 in Radiologic Science (Radiography & Nuclear Medicine) from Indiana University at Indianapolis. A Masters of Arts Degree in Biology and Physics from Ball State University was accomplished in 1998.  Ed is a Diplomate of the American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine (D​ABSNM​) in Radiation Safety & Protection, a Registered Radiographer with the ARRT, Certified in Nuclear Medicine by the (N​MTCB​)  and is licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health (I​SDH​), for Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, X-ray Machine Inspector and Health Physicist.  Ed also appears as a Qualified Medical Physicist & X-ray machine inspector with the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Ed has comprehensive knowledge and experience as a Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Educator.  Professional positions held include: Section Chief, Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH),Radiological Health, Clinical Instructor & Physics, Medical University South Carolina, Adjunct Professor Ball State University, and Consulting Physicist.  

Ed worked for over (23 years), as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at a large Central Indiana Healthcare system which includes 28 Hospitals. As RSO, Ed is responsible for assuring radiation safety in all imaging modalities with oversight in radiation oncology. Photon Measurements Plus (PMP),was established in May 2001 as an independent physics consulting company.    

Edward E. Wroblewski, MA, D.A.B.S.N.M.
Medical Physicist

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