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Additional Services Offered

Ed Wroblewski is Qualified to Complete Inspections of:


  • General Radiographic Imaging Systems (film, digital, CR, DR)

  • General Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems (film, digital, CR, DR)

    • Surgical C-Arm

    • Pain Management C-arm

    • Mini C-arm

  • Chiropractic Radiographic Imaging Systems

  • Dental Radiographic Imaging Systems (film, digital, CR, DR)

  • Industrial Imaging Systems

  • Podiatric Radiographic Imaging Systems

  • Veterinarian Radiographic Imaging Systems

  • Performance of Radiation Shielding Design


Nuclear Medicine/PET


  • The Joint Commission (TJC) Accreditation Services

  • American College of Radiology (ACR) Accreditation Services

  • IACANL Accreditation Services

  • Annual Physics Testing (to meet applicable TJC, ACR, IACNL and State requirements)

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Radioactive Materials (RAM) Licensing

  • Quarterly Review of Licensed Activities to perform comprehensive review of licensed activities which include, but not limited to:

    • Staff training to satisfy regulatory requirements

    • Dose calibrator linearity testing

    • Dose calibrator annual accuracy testing (& geometry as necessary);

    • Leak-testing services.

    • Written documentation and summary of findings for follow up  and necessary action;

    • Radioactive Materials (RAM) Licensing and Amendment to Federal and/or State Agencies

    • Radioactive Materials (RAM) Program Startup Assistance      

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